Sofaya Hussein About

Hey babe!

I’m Sofaya Hussein (she/her), a self-taught makeup artist, and Headblush/Headblush Glitta are my big, bright, sparkly babies.


My mission is to make makeup creative and fun so that YOU look and feel fantastic. For me, makeup has nothing to do with expectation and everything to do with expression.

I live in Brighton with my partner Tom and flatmate Jules super close to the beach. You can mostly find me watching YouTube in bed, Instagramming in my happy place (the bath) and stopping random cats on the street for a cuddle.

I love: stupidly big earrings, any garment that has flip-sequin fabric, mashed potatoes, Beyonce, copy editing, cheese (it’s so good), being a shoulder to cry on, weird coloured lipstick and analysing just about every film and TV show from an intersectional feminist standpoint.

I hate: the patriarchy, liquorice, flip flops, cheese (it makes me fart), people who leave litter on the beach, cleaning, going out out (pubs and clubs just ain’t my thang), mocktails that cost as much as a cocktail and people who touch my hair without permission.

Headblush makeup about

Headblush Makeup

I’ve always been creative and enjoyed wearing makeup. Back in the day, when I was doing my photography A Level, I got really into creative mini-shoots with friends where I was the makeup artist, stylist, photographer and editor.

From there, I learnt how to translate ideas in my head onto peoples bodies and got a feel for applying makeup on faces other than my own.

Whilst writing my stupidly long dissertation for my Gender Studies MA in 2015 (30,000 words is no joke), creative makeup was my outlet. Soon I began the Headblush Instagram account and as my technique developed so did my love for breaking the rules of neutral makeup. Nothing about putting neutral-coloured lotions and potions on my face seemed at all natural, I thought, so why not pick the brightest colours in the palette?

In 2016 I started taking on clients, mostly friends, local music artists and those who found me through Instagram. Over the years I have been lucky to build a wonderful online following, work with many wonderful clients and collaborate with other creatives. I have a few Headblush Makeup projects in mind for the future, so keep your eyes peeled…

Headblush Glitta about

headblush glitta

On my quest for fun, playful makeup with Headblush I started doing pop ups. My first was a Halloween pop up in 2016 where I was absolutely in my element - playing dress up is my jam.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do another for Christmas, and what goes with Christmas? Glitter.

The first Glitta Bar was on NYE 2016 at the Seven Stars in Brighton. And boy was it incredible! After NYE, more pop ups and a lot of promotion, the Glitta Bar began getting hired by schools, companies and individuals for their events and celebrations and the service became well established in the Brighton area. In April 2018, I realised that I couldn’t manage the Glitta Bar on my own anymore and I was lucky to hire three incredible Glitta Babes to help me out (meet the team here).

As the Glitta Bar grew in popularity and I came to realise the awful environmental impact of plastic glitter, I began replacing my fine plastic glitters with biodegradable versions in August 2017. At this point, I had been getting so many questions on what product I was using at the Glitta Bar, so in September 2017 I launched Glitta Jam - a dense pre-mixed combination of glitter and adhesive with strong staying power I’d developed for ease of use.

In September 2018, I re-launched Headblush Glitta as an entirely eco-friendly business, using only biodegradable glitter in our products. As well as this, we use no single-use plastic in our Glitta Bar service, having switched to biodegradable baby wipes and bin bags, or any plastic at all in our Glitta Whip/Jam packaging and shipping material. Check ‘em out babe!