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What are Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam?

Both Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam are a delicious concoction of biodegradable cosmetic glitter and a gel-type adhesive that applies with one swipe and dries down to last the night. Glitta Whip is a concentrated fine glitter paste for high-coverage sparkle, while Glitta Jam is a chunky combination of fine, medium and large hex glitters for a gorgeous textured glitz.

What makes them better than loose glitter?

The beauty of Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam is that they are already suspended in an adhesive a.k.a. no mess, no fuss - just glittery goodness. With loose glitter, you have to worry about spilling it everywhere, applying it on top of an adhesive and cleaning up any mess along the way. With Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam you can apply it in a controlled manner, allowing you to put it exactly where you want it. Once it dries down, it’s there for the night - just make sure not to rub or knock it, as it can flake off.

Are they cruelty free?


Are they vegan?


Are they biodegradable?

Yes! All of the glitter used in our products are created using cosmetic biodegradable glitter.

What is biodegradable glitter made of?

Traditional glitter is made from a either polyester plastic or aluminium foil. The biodegradable glitter we use replaces the core polyester film used in traditional glitter with a unique and special form of cellulose from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™. It is 90% plastic free and is proven to degrade in natural environments (biodegradability standards typically call for at least 90% of material to biodegrade within the testing period).  

Where can you use them?

You can use both Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam on the face, body and hair. While use of it in general is at your own risk, we do not recommend that you use in on the eye area. Please be careful wherever you put it - make sure to do a patch test on your inner elbow before use.

How do you use them?

Using your fingers or a flat brush, apply Glitta Whip or Glitta Jam to your desired area. Always apply in thin layers to ensure that it will dry - too thick and you might be waiting around for a while. Glitta Whip is great for concentrated pops of glittery goodness and designs. Glitta Jam is great for adding texture and covering larger areas.

How do you remove them? 

The key to removing any kind of glitter is not to wipe it around - Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam is no different. To remove from skin, use warm water and a flannel/wipe to re-hydrate your sparkle before wiping away bit by bit using short strokes, taking a clean side of the flannel/wipe every time. Always make sure to wipe away from the eye area. If all else fails, take a shower! To remove from hair, start by brushing it out if you can (over a sink/bin) and then wash out. 

How long are their shelf life? 

Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam has a shelf life of 4 months. Make sure to keep them in a dry, cool environment out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Always close the lid tightly to prevent your Glitta product from drying out. 

My Glitta Whip/Glitta Jam has dried out. What can I do?

Before trying to add anything to re-hydrate your product, make sure to give it a good stir. If it’s still too dry to apply properly, you can add a teeny bit of aloe vera gel or saline solution to re-hydrate your product. Please note that this may effect the original staying-power of your product.

Packaging and shipping materials

What is your product packaging made of?

Both Glitta Whip and Glitta Jam are packaged in sturdy clear class jars with aluminium lids. Our labels are made of recycled paper. No plastic whatsoever is used in our product packaging meaning that everything can be recycled! Though, we would encourage you to reuse the pots for your own purposes when you have finished with your product.

What are your shipping materials made of?

We use paper bags, cardboard boxes, paper padding and paper packaging tape for all of our orders. No plastic whatsoever is used in a shipping materials meaning that everything can be recycled! To further limit our environmental impact, the majority of the cardboard boxes we use are collected from various local businesses, stripped of any stickers or tape and used for your orders.


Where can I buy your products?

Glitta Jam can be bought here on in our shop, on and at selected seasonal markets and locations which can be found via our events page

What are my shipping options?

UK shipping

  • Royal Mail First Class (not tracked) - £2

  • Royal Mail First Class (Signed For) - £5

EU shipping:

  • Royal Mail First Class (not tracked) - £5

  • Royal Mail First Class (tracked) - £10

Rest of the World shipping:

  • Royal Mail First Class (not tracked) - £7

  • Royal Mail First Class (tracked) - £13

How long does shipping take?

For orders of 10 pots or less, processing time (how long it takes to get the order together) can take up to five days. For larger orders, processing time can take up to eight days. UK shipping can then take up to 10 days, international shipping will vary based on the country being sent to.

Can I just pick them up from you and save on shipping?

If you’re based in the Brighton area, yes. Please choose the ‘pick up’ option at checkout and get in touch to arrange a time and a place that is convenient for us both. There is no charge for this option.

Returns and order issues

Do you accept returns? 

Due to the nature of our products as cosmetic items, we cannot accept returns. All sales are final. 

My order has arrived damaged.

If your package arrives damaged, incomplete or incorrect, please get in touch with us with background information and images. We will do our best to help you right away.

My order hasn’t arrived.

If you are in the UK and you haven’t received your order two weeks after receiving our shipping notification, please get in touch with your order number. If you are outside of the UK and you haven’t received your order three weeks after receiving our shipping notification, please get in touch with your order number.

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