'More Than a Party' Eco Glitter Pride Collection

With summer here already, another very important season is about to begin… Pride!
A time for celebration, acceptance and, yes, sparkle.

As tolerance and acceptance of queer people has grown throughout the UK, Pride celebrations have become much more popular, with many towns and cities holding their own Pride parades and parties. This is a fantastic thing of course, allowing queer people throughout the UK a dedicated celebration local to them, but when things ‘go mainstream’ they can often lose focus or meaning.

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear here, Pride is much more than party.

As the emphasis on celebration grows, Pride’s essence of protest has become lost. Through the commercialisation of Pride, along with queer culture being treated as a commodity for sale, big corporations have adopted the parts of Pride that serve them and, quite frankly, left the rest. They’ve left the protest, the dissent, the riots, the demands from queer people for equal rights and better treatment now - the messy, unsatisfactory, tragic realities of life as a queer person. This isn’t okay.

Headblush is a bold, badass, queer-owned business for babes of any gender identity or sexuality, and we want to do more.

Pride is more than rainbows, it's more than a weekend, it's more than a party and it's absolutely more than glitter. While we've decided to donate 10% of sales from all Pride Collection and Pride Glitta Bar sales Brighton LGBTU youth charity Allsorts, it is also more than a token donation, which is why this year we've chosen to highlight the continued importance of Pride being ‘More than a party’ on our social media. We’re highlighting Pride’s history and the need to remember it’s core as a protest by raising awareness of the continued unequal and dangerous realities of being a queer person in the UK. Check out the campaign below.

A big thank you to all who supported this campaign. We are very happy to say that, with our customers’ help, we were able to donate £135 to AllSorts in September 2018.