Our Plastic-Free Packaging and Postage

What a thrilling blog post - I know - sounds dull af right? Well, if you’re anything like me, you like to know what your products come in and how they are packaged. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have ordered things and been bombarded with plastic when they arrive on my doorstep. It’s not only infuriating, most of the time it’s completely unnecessary!

The grand question here is: Have the producer of this product even bothered to think about the environmental impact of the packaging and postage materials they’ve chosen? Well, babes, I’m happy to say that I have made it my mission to not only think about this when it comes to Headblush Glitta products, but to perfect it. And I think I’m pretty damn close.

With that said, let me go ahead and take you through the materials I use to package and post all Headblush Glitta products.


Glitta Whip/Jam packaging


Glass pots

All Glitta Whip and Glitta Jams are contained in gorgeous glass pots of varying sizes. This not only makes them look and feel super luxe, it means the product is well protected (I have dropped pots in the past without so much as a crack!) and you can easily see which colour you’re going for. The pots are easily recycled or reusable.

Tin lids

Tin lids are the only non-plastic and recyclable option available for the kind of pots I use, plus they’re super cute and fit for purpose - they can dent but they’re pretty robust.

Paper stickers

All of the stickers I use come from the amazing Ey Up Design, who use a really fantastic recycled paper to print the vibrant branded stickers that go on each pot lid. The small stickers on the bottom of the pots are just regular plain paper stickers with the shade name and size written on, which I do by hand (yes, my handwriting can be messy!)


Postage materials


Paper bag

To give you that extra little reveal and bit of pink branding (I’m obsessed with hot pink), I use lovely pink and white striped sweetie bags to place your Glitta Whip and Glitta Jams in before boxing them up.

Paper padding

In order to keep your glass pots of glitta goodness safe in transit, I collect any paper packing I get from my own orders as well as regular brown recycled wrapping paper and use it to pad out the boxes that your orders come in. This is really important as the boxes I use often vary in size (which you’ll read about in a sec!)

Paper flyer

I include a small paper flyer saying thank you with review info and all of Headblush Glitta’s social handles. These are super easy to pop in the recycle bin when you’re done with them!

Reused cardboard box

All of the boxes I use are recovered from Brighton businesses that no longer need them, giving them an extra lease of life before they hit the recycle bin! I have a huge stock of white mug boxes from the awesome Brandwatch that I’ve been working from for a while now. This is why all of that paper packing material is so important!

Paper washi tape

To spruce up the recycled boxes, I use patterned paper washi tape to keep everything secure. At the moment, I’m using this really uniquely patterned wide tape by Ikea.

Paper sticker

Finally, you get another little paper sticker with the Headblush Glitta logo on so you know that you’re product has arrived, and a return address sticker on the back of the box. All addresses are written by myself on to the box itself, so there’s no need for another sticker!


Written by Sofaya.