Headblush is colour, creativity, fun and freedom. Headblush is a body-positive, fabulous, extravaganza for all.

Let go and enjoy the moment in a whirlwind of bold colour and dazzling style.


Hey blush babes!

Headblush makeup artist Sofaya Hussein wearing Blow Pony liquid lipstick
Headblush orange peach metallic liquid lipstick lip makeup Pussywhipped by Jeffree Star

I’m Sofaya, a self-taught Brighton-based makeup artist on a mission to make makeup creative and fun so that YOU look and feel fantastic. For me, makeup has nothing to do with expectation and everything to do with expression.

Now, if makeup isn't your thing, that's cool. You do you, boo! If it is, then let's get into some badass makeup with an extra slice of confidence.

Headblush comes from my frustration of people not being allowed to be themselves, to feel confident in their own skin, a matter of choice when it comes to their body.

Because they shouldn’t wear that, because strangers will stare, because it just doesn’t suit them.

Whether you’re worried about looking silly, feeling uncomfortable, or even your dark circles, leave your worries at the door. Let me cover you in glitter and distract you with your own fabulousness.

Headblush deep purple and red eyeshadow makeup
Headblush makeup artist Sofaya Hussein wearing bright blue and green eyeshadow makeup


Headblush is about choice, confidence, creativity.

Headblush is about being uniquely you.